Wisconsin Social Security Disability For Individuals Over 50

Right after high school, the housing boom in your area convinced you to enter the work force in the construction industry. No college for you, there was good money to made right now.

You are a hard worker and have had steady employment for over 30 years. However, an accident at home left you with an injured back and unable, at only 50 years of age, to continue in your chosen trade. Your doctor informs you that within 3 months you might be able to sit for 6 hours a day and do some light lifting. This is when you realize that your skill set is no longer worth the healthy wages you have been earning for years. Now is when you should contact a Social Security Disability lawyer in Wisconsin.

Special Rules Over 50

If you were an accountant or copywriter with a similar disability at the same age, your disability claim would likely be denied since you would still be able to perform work in line with your skill set. However, as a construction worker with a high-school education, learning a new skill and then finding an employer willing to take a chance on an older novice is not likely.

Social Security recognizes this and will grant permanent disability benefits for individuals who are over 50-years of age after consideration of their education, skill set, and work history.

The rules for people over 50 are in a special set of rules referred to as the “grid rules.” If you are over 50 and have been denied disability benefits, you should call Chewning Legal, LLC and allow us to review you case under these rules.

Competing For Social Security Disability Funds

If you are over 50, another important reason you should call us is that your fellow baby boomers represent the largest group ever to apply for Social Security Disability. The overburdened fund has become a political football fueling debate over the program. This is influencing the agency to be even more strict on social security disability qualifications.

We can help make sure your application you provide complete information on initial application. If you are working on your appeal, we are experienced and knowledgeable with the dynamics of each stage of the process.

The application for Social Security disability benefits is a complicated process. Since there is no charge until we win benefits for you, there is no reason to go it alone. Give us a call today.