3 Reasons Why You Should Hire A SSD/SSDI Attorney In Wisconsin

When you are disabled and unable to earn an income, the outcome of your Social Security disability claim will have a large effect on your future. While an approved claim may yield the benefits that you need to maintain your quality of life and provide for your loved ones, a denied claim can have the opposite effect, leaving your financially destitute. When your fate is on the line, do not leave it to chance – here are three reasons why you need to hire a SSD/SSDI attorney to handle your Social Security disability case in Wisconsin:

1. Many People’s Claims Are Denied Initially

The number of initial claims for Social Security disability claims that are denied every year is high. In fact, the Social Security Administration’s statistics show that in 2014 the award rate was only 32% percent, meaning that 68% of percent of applications were denied. Just because you may have applied and been denied, does not mean all hope is lost. You should obtain help by having an attorney review your case and help you file your appeal.

2. There Are Strict Legal Requirements & Deadlines

The application process requires that you provide complete and correct information to Social Security. The agency will make a number of determinations based on that information. For SSI claims, it will evaluate your income and assets to determine whether you qualify financially for that program. For all types of claims, it will look for medical evidence establishing that you have severe impairments and that those conditions meet the standards of disability, including special rules that may apply depending on your age, education and work history.

Further, in the event that your claim is denied, you will have a limited amount of time to appeal the decision. Contacting a lawyer right away if you receive a denial is important. Don’t put your claim in jeopardy by running the risk of not meeting the deadline.

3. Hiring An Attorney Will Not Cost You Anything Up Front

If you need Social Security disability help in Wisconsin, the good news is that hiring an attorney will not cost you anything up front. This is because Social Security lawyers only get paid a percentage of your award; if your Social Security claim is denied, your attorney will not recover any fee either.

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