Waukesha, WI Social Security Disability

Too bad that the healing waters of Waukesha have dried up or otherwise become polluted; otherwise, they might have helped you with your disability. In our modern era, doctors don’t often rely on magic water for treating serious disability. When you become disabled and the road to your recovery looks to be over a year, if ever; you will want the assistance of Social Security disability benefits to help you meet your needs. The process, though needed, is complicated and lengthy. Chewning Legal, a Wisconsin firm is here to help.

You may become discouraged when you see the amount of information Social Security needs from you to get started. You don’t need to worry though, we can help you identify and assemble the information you will need to file a complete and accurate application.

What Next?

Social Security will take 3 – 5 months to process your application and return with a decision sent via regular mail. Your initial application will first be processed by the Waukesha Social Security office on Grand Avenue, but will then be transferred for medical review by the Wisconsin Disability Determination Bureau in Madison. If you are denied, you have 60 days to respond to their decision. Don’t be discouraged though, many meritorious claims are denied at the initial application level or even after the first appeal called a request for reconsideration. A large percentage of cases have to proceed to a hearing in Milwaukee before benefits are awarded.

If a hearing is necessary, it will be before an administrate law judge with the Office of Disability Adjudication in review in downtown Milwaukee. Think of it as a mini-trial at which you will be a witness called to testify about your work history, your health problems and your difficulties with your daily life. A former resident of Waukesha, Attorney Don Chewning has extensive experience representing many clients in this forum over the years. We know the legal arguments that will need to be made to the judges and the types of evidence that is likely to convince a judge of your disability. There are also expert witnesses that the judge may call to testify that must be questioned by a lawyer familiar with the medical and vocational topics at issue. You should never try to go it alone during your hearing.

Then What?

Your appeal is a four-tiered process. If your hearing doesn’t turn out right and we know you have a good case we can appeal to the Appeals Council, a body in Falls Church, Virginia that will review the Milwaukee judge’s decision. Bottom line, our experience becomes vital in determining whether further appeal of your cases is warranted. And what does our experience, time, and effort cost up to this point? Don’t worry, we collect no fee until you receive your benefits and then it is unregulated by federal law and Social Security’s rules.

Social Security admits in their own literature that having representation greatly increases your opportunity to receive benefits from Social Security Disability. Call us today. Let’s get started for you.