Social Security Disability In Sheboygan

Whether you’re jogging the beaches of Lake Michigan or enjoying the soft fairways at Whistling Straits, Sheboygan offers a great experience to anyone who loves the outdoors. When you are facing long-term disability you may feel out of sorts. Few people plan on becoming disabled; it isn’t something you can always prepare for either. When it happens to you, you will have questions and uncertainty. Don’t put yourself through this; especially when help is close by. Chewning Legal is your best asset in Wisconsin to help you deal with your situation and receive the benefits you need from Social Security Disability. With his office in nearby Two Rivers, Wisconsin, Attorney Don Chewning is just a short drive or a phone call away.

The Application Process

Your application for Social Security disability benefits requires most of your personal and medical information. Errors and omissions can hurt your claim. If you omit medical provider information, Social Security may be unaware of crucial medical evidence. If you are sloppy in providing details about your work history, it could result in an unfavorable decision. This is particularly true if you are age 50 or older. You can commence an application for disability by going online to or by contacting the local Social Security office on North 9th Street. Better yet, you can call Chewning Legal, LLC and we can help you prepare a proper application. Even then, Social Security will most likely deny your initial application and you will have to appeal You have 60 days to respond to their decision. We will help you meet that deadline and provide as much information as we can when Social Security reconsiders your case.

Before you concern yourself with what this will cost, you should know that we don’t collect a fee until you receive your benefits. Also, our fee is controlled by federal statute and rules set by Social Security.

The Appeals Process

Your hearing before an administrative law judge is not something you want to face alone. Although it is quite a hike from Sheboygan, your hearing will be held in Milwaukee. The judge will take evidence from you and a “vocational expert.” The judge may also call a doctor or psychologist to testify. You should have a lawyer on your side to present the facts and law relevant to your claim and to cross-examine the witnesses called by the judge. Attorney Don Chewning has represented many clients over the years in their hearings. Don’t go it alone.
Chewning Legal can help you through every step of the Social Security disability benefits process. Having our experience on your side may even your odds to get you the benefits you need.

Give us a call today. Let’s get started.