Social Security Disability In Oshkosh

In the 19th Century, many businessmen and entrepreneurs made their fortunes in Oshkosh. Their legacy is visible throughout the city. However, most people just worked for a living, like you; and when you become disabled and are unable to work, you don’t have a family fortune to rely on.

You will need Social Security disability benefits. The fact that the process is complicated and lengthy doesn’t help either. Even after you complete your application, Social Security will take 3 – 5 months to send you a letter with their decision.

The Appeals Process

Don’t be discouraged when Social Security denies your request for benefits initially; they reject most applications, relying on a four-tiered appeals process to better determine your disability and eligibility. You should give disability benefits. We help you make a proper response to the agency. We also know how to prepare your case for your hearing before the Milwaukee Office of Disability Adjudication and Review which hears Oshkosh cases at a hearing office on Pearl Street. Don Chewning has appeared with many clients at their hearings, helping them finally receive their needed benefits.

Your Hearing

Your hearing before the Social Security administrative law judge is in some ways a small trial. The focus of the hearing is on you, your medical conditions and the types of limitations you have that keep you from working. Although you will be doing much of the talking at the hearing, you are at a great disadvantage without representation at your hearing. There will be legal issues to be addressed with the judge and usually a vocational expert called by the judge that your attorney should cross-examine.

Sometimes the judges call medical experts to testify. As a social security attorney in Wisconsin, Don Chewning appears in front of these judges and questions many of these witnesses regularly. This is why hiring a Wisconsin attorney who knows the lay of the land in Oshkosh is your best option.

Our personal local representation won’t cost you extra; Social Security rules regulate our fee and you don’t pay any fees until we obtain benefits for you. Give us a call today and let’s get started.