Social Security Disability Attorney In Marinette, WI

Marinette has a rich heritage; easily defined by its old-style buildings and its aging homes. Most homes in the area are over 50 years old. 45% are 70 years or older. It’s not that these homes have outlived their usefulness – it’s just that the owners would prefer to keep the asset that they have paid into for so many years. Most people have also paid into Social Security. If you become disabled from the work force, Social Security disability is a resource you can tap into to relieve financial strain from not earning a paycheck.

Why A Disability Attorney Is Important To You

The Social Security Disability Application process is both frustrating and long. You can file your claim online or by contacting the local field office in Marinette. The case then proceeds to Madison for review. It is important to provide Social Security with any and all evidence to support your claim for disability. Claims are routinely denied at the first two levels. It takes Social Security approximately 6 to 9 months to make a decision at each level. Often times, claims proceed to a hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge. If you hire Attorney Don Chewning, he and his experienced staff will develop your file and guide you through all of these stages of the process.

Administrative Law Judge Hearing

If your case is denied at the first two levels, a hearing will be scheduled approximately 18 months from the time you file your appeal. If you are from the Marinette area, your hearing will be held in Green Bay. The judges may be from Milwaukee or from an office further away, including Oak Brook, Illinois. At the hearing you will be questioned by a judge who will take your limitations into consideration and present them to a vocational expert who will help the judge decide if you can perform certain jobs that meet your qualifications. Attorney Chewning will accompany you to your hearing. He will be at your side when you are questioned by the judge. He will help determine what Social Security regulations apply to your case and will argue them to the judge. He will cross-examine the experts called by the judge. He has appeared at hundreds of cases at the Green Bay hearing office. This might not be said about attorneys from out-of-state disability law firms. Attorney Chewning will fight with you until the end to get the benefits you deserve. Most claimants are more comfortable with a lawyer on board. That lawyer should be from Wisconsin, just like you.

Don’t Worry About Paying Fees Right Now

You will be glad to know we charge no fees unless we win your case. The fees are limited by the Social security Administration. This means you don’t need to find money up front to pay Attorney Don Chewning. Call us today to get started.