Manitowoc County Social Security Disability Attorney

Manitowoc has a proud industrial history. Yet, it doesn’t matter where you work in Manitowoc, if you become injured or disabled off the job, Workers’ Compensation won’t help you. If you are facing a long-term disability (over a year) then you need to apply for Social Security disability benefits as soon as possible. The application process is lengthy and frustrating. Errors or omissions on you application will make it worse. Even an application without problems will take 3 – 5 months to process.

To better assure that your application and appeals result in the benefits you need a local attorney to assist you. Don Chewning has called Manitowoc County home for over 10 years. He has extensive experience working with the Manitowoc Social Security office and the Wisconsin Disability Determination Bureau the agency in Madison that will handle your initial application and your first appeal. Even with an accurate and complete application, Social Security typically rejects most applications, allowing the appeals process to make the final determination of whether you are truly eligible for benefits.

Your Appeal

After your initial application, Social Security will send you a letter informing you of their decision. You have 60 days to appeal a denial. Failure to respond in that time renders the agency’s decision final. We will help you properly appeal Social Security’s decision in a timely fashion.

If Social Security schedules a hearing for your case, we will stand by your side during the process as your representative. Manitowoc County residents have their cases heard at a hearing office in Green Bay, where Don Chewning has handled hundreds of cases. Your case will be heard by a judge either from the Milwaukee Office of Disability Adjudication and Review or from Social Security’s National Hearing Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Your hearing will probably be conducted by video-teleconference, although the judges sometimes travel from Milwaukee to hear cases in person. Your hearing will be like a mini-trial where you will have the chance to testify and describe your symptoms and how their impair your daily functioning. We have been through this process many times with our clients and we know how to prepare and present your case effectively.

Obtaining Your Benefits

Your chances of receiving your benefits after your hearing are higher if you are properly represented. The best part for you is that there is no fee until we secure your benefits for you; and the fee agreement is controlled by rules set by Social Security. Give us a call now and let’s get started.