Kenosha, WI Social Security Disability

No matter what the local economic landscape has been over the last 100 years, Kenosha is and always has been a city of industry and workers. It is an attitude that keeps Kenosha thriving. However, if you become disabled and are unable to work, with no end in site, then you need to apply for Social Security disability benefits now. Having the experience of Chewning Legal, LLC on your side will make the process easier for you. We can help guide you through the application process, and can help you seek the Social Security disability benefits that you need.

Eligibility Requirements

There are certain eligibility requirements that must be satisfied in order to be eligible to apply for Social Security disability benefits. First, you must have a qualifying medical condition or disability according to the Social Security Administration’s Disability Evaluation Under Social Security,which is more commonly referred to as the Blue Book. Second, you must have paid into the Social Security system. Many applicants are denied Social Security benefits because they lack or fail to provide enough medical evidence that they have a qualified medical condition or disability, or because they do not have sufficient work history or have not paid into the Social Security system.

The Application Process

The application process is lengthy and frustrating to many folks. The application process involves providing a significant amount of medical documentation about your disabled condition, and it can be difficult to know what kinds of information the Social Security Administration is looking for during the application process. Many applicants are overwhelmed by the application process, or become easily confused by the complicated forms and exhaustive list of requirements. We can help you complete your Social Security disability application so that you avoid making common mistakes that often delay the processing of a Social Security disability benefit application, or cause the application to be denied.


But simply avoiding mistakes while filling out your paperwork does not mean that your application will be approved. Even after you assemble all of the personal and medical information that the Social Security Administration requires from you, your initial application will take 3 – 5 months to be either approved or denied, which is a long time to wait for Social Security benefits, especially when you really need them. You will receive a letter from the agency explaining their decision and what you should do next.

Disability Interviews

In many cases, the Social Security Administration, through your assigned disability claim examiner, will request an interview with you at the application stage. The interview process can be intimidating, and overly personal, but is often necessary for completing your Social Security claim application. If you are well prepared for your interview, you can convey a lot of helpful information concerning your condition and work history, which the examiner can use to determine whether to approve or deny your claim.

The Appeals Process

Unfortunately, Social Security rejects most applications, thus requiring additional scrutiny through a multi-tiered appeals process. You only have 60 days at the first stage of the appeals process to respond to Social Security’s denial letter. We help you to craft a proper response to their initial denial of benefits. When they respond with a hearing date we know how to prepare for it. We will work closely with you to ensure that you are properly prepared for your Social Security appeal hearing.
Your hearing is sort of a mini-trial at which you will be able to describe your disability and limitations to an administrative judge. For Kenosha residents, your hearings will be held in Milwaukee at the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review. You will appear before an administrative law judge who will likely have a vocational expert present to testify and possibly even a medical doctor. Attorney Don Chewning has appeared in hundreds of cases before the administrative judges of the Milwaukee hearing office and he is highly familiar with the appeals process for denied Social Security disability claims. We can help you appeal your denied Social Security disability claim.


This hearing process may intimidate you, but it is an arena with which we are completely comfortable. The professionals at Chewning Legal, LLC have helped countless applicants appeal their Social Security disability claim denials, so that they can gain access to the disability benefits that they deserve and need. We know how to obtain the most complete medical record possible at the outset of your application process and we can present during the hearing why your condition meets Social Security’s standards for disability.

Obtaining Your Benefits Is Paramount

Social Security acknowledges the value of having legal representation at your hearing since their statistics show more appeals are granted when using legal representation than without. And as a Wisconsin firm, we understand the local branches of the Social Security agency better than larger firms where you are only a number. We know how important getting the financial help you need from Social Security is to you and we make it our priority as well.


Our personal service also doesn’t cost you any legal fees until we win benefits for you, and our fee agreement follows rules set by Social Security. Give Chewning Legal, LLC a call today.