Social Security Disability In Beloit, Wisconsin

Beloit was so named because it sounds a lot like Detroit. There was hope at the time the city was named that the industrial success of Detroit would rub off due to the name similarity. The city does have an automotive connection with Detroit — the speedometer was invented here. Working Beloit residents who have earned a paycheck over the years can also look back on their success. However, if a disability pulls you out of the workforce, it is time to let the system you helped build, assist you. Social Security disability benefits are available to those who face a disability that keeps them out of the workforce for a year or more. Applying for Social Security Disability can be overwhelming, though, and you may want legal representation to help you through.

What to Expect

A high percentage of initial applications are denied. Many cases proceed to the final stage – a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. A disability attorney can guide you through the process and act as a liaison between you and the Social Security Administration. The staff at Chewning Legal has helped claimants all over Wisconsin from start to finish. We have also come on board at all levels of claims.

First you must find out if qualify for Social Security Disability because the disability process is very lengthy. A decision on your initial application takes approximately six months. You must have medical evidence to support your claim. This includes medical records and other documentation from your treatment providers. It sometimes helps to provide information from your friends or family. You are expected to appeal a denial within 60 days. In Wisconsin, the initial disability determination is made at a state agency called the Disability Determination Bureau in Madison.

If you are denied at the initial application stage and you appeal, your case will proceed to reconsideration. A different Social Security examiner will re-evaluate your claim with new evidence since the initial filing. Reconsideration decisions take approximately 6 to 9 months. Again, you must appeal your denial within 60 days. This will lead you to the final stage in the application process.

If you are denied reconsideration and appeal, your case will be scheduled for a hearing. Beloit cases are heard in the Madison hearing office, just off the Beltline. There, several judges hear cases appealed by disability claimants just like you. Again, you are expected to provide updated records and new information about your health conditions. At the hearing, you will be questioned by a judge who will take your limitations into consideration and present them to a vocational expert who will help him or her decide if you can perform certain jobs that meet your qualifications. Unfortunately, the wait time for a hearing can last up to 18 months.

Legal Representation

If you hire Chewning Legal, our experienced staff will develop your file and guide you through the stages of the process. Attorney Don Chewning will accompany you to your hearing. He will be at your side when you are questioned by the judge. He will help determine what Social Security regulations apply to your case and will argue them to the judge. He has appeared in hundreds of cases before Social Security’s Administrative Law Judges. We can provide an individualized experience to Beloit claimants that many larger firms may not.

Chewning Legal offers the guidance you need in pursuit of your goal: To obtain monthly benefits from Social Security to alleviate financial strain you are experiencing from being out of the work force.

Don’t Worry About the Fees Up Front

We only charge legal fees if we are successful in obtaining you benefits. The Social Security Administration regulates those fees. The fees are based on your back benefits paid from the time you became entitled to disability benefits through the date of the decision, including the time spent during the lengthy time Social Security makes you wait for a determination. Give us a call to get started.