Social Security Disability In Appleton

Appleton resident Henry J. Rogers may have been the first person on the planet to come home and turn on an electric light switch, but he was probably the first person to receive an electric bill as well.

When a disability makes you wonder how you are going to keep the lights on in your home, you need to call Chewning Legal, a Wisconsin law firm helping people like you obtain the Social Security disability benefits they need. Attorney Don Chewning has represented hundreds of disabled residents in the Appleton and surrounding Fox Valley area.

How Social Security Can Help

Social Security disability benefits are specifically for workers whose disability will keep them away from work for over a year or eventually result in death. Because of its potential for paying out for a lengthy period of time, the requirements to apply for and obtain this benefit are quite extensive. The application process alone can be complicated. Errors and omissions on your application may cause it to be denied or delayed.

Help With Your Application & Appeal

Your Social Security disability application will take about 3 – 5 months for Social Security to process and respond with an answer. You can commence your claim by contacting the Appleton Social Security office or by going online to Social Security’s website. You can also contact Chewning Legal, LLC and we can assist you with the application process. Social Security has a record of rejecting most first-time applications. Lately, Social Security has been denying claims at a greater rate than in year’s past. If your initial claim is denied, you have 60 days to appeal their decision. If your initial application however, was complete and well-documented the appeals process is easier.

If your initial application is denied, you will need to file a request for reconsideration. As your representative here in Wisconsin, we can help you prepare a response to the Wisconsin Disability Determination Bureau, the agency that makes the medical determinations in most Wisconsin disability claims. Chewning Legal, LLC will obtain all the medical evidence that we can gather that is relevant to your claim.

If your request for reconsideration is denied, we can also appear at your hearing with you. Hearings for Appleton-area residents are held at a hearing site in Oshkosh. The hearing is your chance to testify and tell your story before an Administrative Law Judge. These judges are usually based out of Social Security’s Milwaukee hearing office and frequently conduct their hearings in Oshkosh via video-teleconference. The hearing will also include testimony from a vocational expert and sometimes a medical doctor or psychologist selected by Social Security. We have extensive experience dealing with the appeals process and the Milwaukee hearing office in particular. Your advantage is that you pay nothing until you receive your benefits; and the fee is set by Social Security.

Working For You To Get The Best Results

If you need Social Security disability benefits, a denial could be devastating. Give Chewning legal a call today, for the help you need to receive your benefits.