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Social Security Disability benefits are your right under the law. The process of obtaining the benefits you deserve, however, is lengthy and complicated. At Chewning Legal, LLC, we are an experienced Social Security Disability firm. We help you through the complications of your application and help improve the process for you. We understand the stress your disability causes you and your loved ones. We offer you one less major worry as we help you secure the benefits you deserve.

Time Is Everything

Time is not on your side during the Social Security Disability process. Not only does it take considerable time to prepare an accurate application, Social Security usually takes three to five months to fully process your application and respond. Also, if your claim has been denied, you have a limited amount of time to appeal. Waiting for an appeal to be decided can take an even longer time. We know that you need your benefits as soon as possible. As your Wisconsin Social Security Disability attorney, we help you stay on schedule and will provide the information needed by Social Security as soon as possible.

Paying Attention To The Details

It is critically important that you pay careful attention to the most minute of details when filling out your Social Security disability application. Here is an unfortunate truth: many legitimate claims are initially denied. This is a fact that is even admitted by the Social Security Administration (SSA). The SSA’s own data shows that less than 30 percent of disability claims are approved after the first level review. However, after the completion of all stages of review, more than 44 percent of disability claims are approved. To put this into perspective, that means that the SSA initially denies at least one third of all valid disability claims. Sadly, this results in many people waiting several months to recover their rightfully deserved benefits. Even worse, it leads to some qualified applicants giving up and dropped out of the process. Do not let either of these things happen to you. Our team can help you get your application right the first time. Your Social Security Disability application requires you to provide detailed personal information, facts, about your work history, and your complete medical history. Correctly identifying your treatment providers and giving an accurate description of your work history may be critical for your case to proceed through the system smoothly. Forgetting to tell Social Security important information or accidentally giving them incorrect answers could cause the Social Security Agency to reject your application.

We help you to avoid the mistakes during the application process that could result in a loss of your benefits. We are as fastidious about details as the Agency is. We have to be.

Understanding the Eligibility Requirements

It can be challenging to figure out if you are even qualified for SSDI benefits. Not all cases are straightforward. It is often best to have your case comprehensively reviewed by an experienced Social Security disability attorney before submitting an application. Your attorney will be able to help you through the process. To start, you can assess your eligibility by reviewing these questions:

  • Are you employed? If yes, you probably do not qualify. While there are some limited exceptions available for part-time workers, you typically need to be out of work to qualify for Social Security disability benefits. Those who make over $1,130 per month will be found to be automatically ineligible. This is the income criteria. If you qualify based on this criteria, your case can proceed to the next question.
  • How severe is your condition? You must have a ‘severe’ injury or condition in order to qualify for SSDI benefits. In the most simple terms, this means that you must have an injury or condition that stops you from performing essential work-related tasks. Though, in many cases, disputes will arise over what qualifies as severe. If you are severely injured enough that you can no longer perform key job-related functions, you should file an application.
  • Do you have a listed disability? The SSA has a detailed list of qualifying severe injuries and conditions. This list includes fourteen different categories of impairments, from musculoskeletal system conditions to mental disorders. Within each category the SSA also lists many different specific conditions and injuries. Further, the agency includes information about how each condition is to be evaluated and what type of documentation applicants will need to prove that they have the condition. If you have a listed condition or injury, you should be eligible for benefit. You will not need to worry about the remaining questions. Though, if your disability is unlisted, you are not necessarily out of luck. You may still qualify for disability benefits, but you will need to answer questions four and five.
  • Does your unlisted condition prevent you from returning to your prior position? An unlisted condition or injury will be assessed based on its severity. In order to qualify for SSDI benefits, your condition or injury must be so severe that it prevents you from returning to your prior position.
  • Does your unlisted condition prevent you from finding an alternative position? Additionally, to qualify, you must also be able to establish that your disabling condition prevents you from obtaining any reasonable alternative form of employment. If you cannot work at your old position, but you could reasonably take a less physically demanding position, you will likely not qualify for disability benefits.

Did Your Disability Claim Get Denied?

You owe it to yourself and your family to get your claim into the hands of our team. We will comprehensively review your case. Remember, the Social Security disability claims process is challenging. Legitimate claims can be denied for many different reasons. For example, some standard reasons that SSDI claims get denied include:  

  • Issues with your income;
  • The SSA finding that you were dishonest;
  • Allegations that you failed to follow your doctor’s orders;
  • A dispute arising over the severity of your condition or injury;
  • Insufficient medical evidence to support your claim;
  • An error in your disability application; or
  • A mistake made by the SSA.

Many denied claims eventually get overturned. Just because your claim was denied does not mean that you are out of options. You must keep fighting for your rights. This starts with consulting with an experienced Wisconsin Social Security disability lawyer. Your lawyer will assess your case and determine exactly what needs to be done next.

How Does the Social Security Disability Appeals Process Work?

There are four different levels in the appeals process. Your case may need to go through each of the following:

  • Reconsideration: A second (fresh) look at your application by an official at the SSA.
  • Administrative Hearing: A review by an administrative law judge. During this review, you can submit additional evidence including corroborating medical records as well as testimony from any supporting witnesses.
  • Appeals Council: This is a process-based review of your claim by a panel of administrative judges. It must be noted that the merits of your case will not be reviewed at this stage. Still, it is necessary part of the appeals process.
  • Federal Court: Finally, you can take your claim all the way to federal court. Once you go to this stage of the process, you will receive a fresh review of the entirety of your claim.

Helping You With Your Appeal

If you have already gone through the application process and Social Security denied your application, we have the experience to help you appeal your claim. We will review your case and show you where you need additional information or medical corroboration. We know what it takes to reverse a denied claim. Social Security Disability benefits are vitally important to you. At Chewning Legal, LLC, we understand.

You Can Always Afford Legal Help – There are No Upfront Fees

The Social Security disability process is both stressful and complicated. If you are starting the application process, or if your claim has already been denied, it is normal to feel confused and overwhelmed. Fortunately, an experienced attorney can help you through the process. Even better, our legal team will take on your case without charging any upfront fees. In fact, our fees are strictly regulated by the policies of the Social Security Administration. Let us use our skills and experience to put the money you deserve into your pocket.

We help you to receive your SSD/SSI benefits as soon as possible. Let’s get started.

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